Dr. Justina Baidoo

Chairperson of Adom Mbroso Group of Companies

Dr. Justina Akua Ackon Baidoo (JAAB) was born in Shama in the Western Region of Ghana on March 12, 1953. She lived with her parent Mr. & Mrs. Abrokwah at Shama until the age of 7 when she was made to join her sister Afua Owu in Kumasi to help her. At age 13 JAAB started selling both smoked and fresh fish on a table top at Kwame Nkrumah market, now called Asafo Market in Kumasi. She started renting deep freezers at the market to preserve her stock of fish and later bought her own deep freezers. Due to her innovations she was able to sell more compared to her peers in the same business.

The business grew beyond this so she started renting a cold room at the then State Fishing corporation. She later built her own cold store with a capacity of 600 metric tonnes at Asafo in Kumasi. This was the third cold storage company in Kumasi at that time.

Today JAAB has successfully managed her Cold Storage business now registered as Adom Mbroso Cold Store Limited which is the leading cold store business in Ghana today. The Cold Storage company has a total storage capacity of 35,000MT biggest in Ghana and also a leading cold store business in the W/A Sub Region. The company has successfully diversified into other sectors of the value chain namely Industrial fishing and Ship yard business together called the Adom Group of Companies.