Frequently Asked Questions

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Ghana's primary airport is Kotoka International Airport (ACC). There are several lounges inside, with one main entrance and exit. We will handle transportation from the airport to the different partner hotels.


You will want to dress for summer when not in the professional or formal sessions. We will wear traditional dress for one of the events, however other times you should dress light to account for heat. Flip flops are not great to wear. Closed-toe shoes are better. In Ghana traditional clothing is a welcomed and appreciated substitute for professional attire, especially given the leadership's push to "Wear Ghana."


Bring two if you can. Both should have a chip and you must let the banks know where you will be traveling so that they don't assume it's fraud. Ask the banks if they can issue you a credit card pin for some stores. Plenty of ATMs around. Best to withdraw GHC (Ghana cedis) from an ATM rather than trying to exchange money back home. Some cards also have better transaction or commission fees than others. Ghana is mostly a cash society, so you will need a little on you during your stay.


Everyone must have a Yellow Fever vaccine. In the U.S. this generally costs $135 depending on one's medical insurance. You must receive the Yellow Fever vaccine a minimum of ten days before your departure. Malaria is managed through tablets, which you should get a supply of. Generally you take one table a day before you leave, one each day you are in Ghana, then another the day you return. There is a one pill per week option called Larium, but it may not be available where you are. Please consult your physician most accurate information.


Breakfast will be provided by partner hotels unless you chose the no-breakfast option. Some meals are provided through the conference, depending on the ticket you purchase. Other meals are easy to come by, and we will provide suggestions upon your arrival.


When transportation is not available from one of our partners, conference attendees can travel using Uber, Taxify or taxis. The average ride from hotel to most places is $2-4.


A visa is required to enter Ghana. Please allow enough time to process your request, as depending on where you are the paperwork may need to be sent elsewhere. You will need your hotel and airfare confirmations in order to process your visa. In the United States this takes a minimum of ten days. Here are three links:

The fee structure will vary depending on time necessary for processing and if you require single or multiple entry into Ghana. Visas are valid for travel in Ghana for three months. Please consult the websites for most up to date information, as procedures may shift.


Ghana uses 220V power, but adapters are easy to come by. Be prepared for the occasional power outage and the hum of generators.